Friday, 24 April 2009

Only the good die young...

Not really. This week has seen the loss of two great and , I think under appreciated British genius's . The writer J.G. Ballard ,78 and Cinematographer /Director Jack Cardiff ,94.
Both had their own unique vision and showed us the world as they saw it- but what different visions they were.
Cardiff gave the films of Powell and Pressburger (most importantly Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes,) a look all of their own. Strong colour and light flooded each frame, suppling those movies with a luminous , hyper real texture that is rarely seen in other films of that period. The themes of the stories may have been dark and tragic but they never looked it. Ballard had a hyper-real way of looking at the world too. Unlike Cardiff , there was little room for light and colour in his grey and terrifying near futures. A vision equally valid.
Both their world veiws are essential and forever preserved in the great pieces of art that they left in their wake.
R.I.P Chaps.

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